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Area Nightclub, Vauxhall


Area is built inside an old brick railway arch. A steel structure was bolted to the arch to allow installation of the LED matrix and lighting rig. This had to be adjustable in all directions to compensate for the difference between the rough brick arch and the precise geometry of the curved grid.

LED Matrix

A total of 19,075 RGB LEDs are arranged in a grid pattern that curves to follow the line of the ceiling. Each LED is controlled individually using ‘Archaos’ software on a dedicated computer. This allows graphics and video to be played across its surface.

The basic building block of the matrix is a 5 x 5 LED panel. The LEDs were mounted in custom made, sealed ‘trays’ with transparent acrylic covers. This was to protect against condensation when the club is really packed, from the occasional leakage of rainwater through the old brickwork and from damage by smoke fluid.


The installation is based on a 5 x 12 grid with 60 open grid squares. Each grid square contains either a mini green laser, moving head spot or moving head LED wash. All these fixtures are controlled using ‘Showcad’ software. A further 2 high power RGB lasers are mounted above the DJ position.


The installation also includes smoke, haze and CO2 machines all controllable from the DJ booth.