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  • The Brief: The company were designing their new window display for their regent street store. Some 250 convex and 250 Fresnel lenses had been hung on fishing wire in the window and Halo were asked to find a way to illuminate in themed colours, though without overly lighting the street or the store.  
  • The Installation: To light the 500 lenses evenly and to meet the client’s requirements, we installed some Chauvet Q6 Slim Pars evenly along the window. These were then angled precisely to point through the lenses at such an angle that the light was refracted to hit the window at a right angle. The lights were then programmed in yellow and blue colour sequences.   
  • The Challenges: The main challenges were balancing the brightness of the lights that were illuminating the lenses, though not blinding the people walking past the shop. This was all the more challenging that the system was installed at night due to the short time frame and the fact that the store did not want to close for the installation.

Harrods – Chanel

The Brief

Commissioned by Impact Retail on behalf of Chanel, we were asked to create a kinetic LED system that would illuminate and animate three of Harrods’ prime windows for the Christmas season.

The installation

We installed and programmed a state of the art LED system, which displayed as a wave of varying colours over three windows, that illuminated the ‘CHANEL’ letters.

The Challenges

Coordinating with a very high-profile store during their busiest time of year to ensure that we had the time we needed, while not disturbing them or their customers.

Tom Dixon @ Selfridges

The Brief

As part of the London Design Festival in 2015, Tom Dixon created a unique event in the Old Selfridges Hotel which allowed visitors to explore departments dedicated to technology, home, fashion, beauty, jewellery, as well as a food hall. The space was hosting an eclectic range of events, installations, pop-ups and interventions. We were asked to provide all electricity infrastructure and connection points to create an ambient lighting system for the venue, as well as provide lighting for the conference stage and power to the 30 plus designer stands.

The Installation

We created the electric infrastructure (rigging, power, distribution) from scratch and ensured all 500 plus devices were powered.

The Challenges

The sheer size of the project – provide electric infrastructure and power for this 20,000 square foot, empty building, with only two main sources of electricity.

Dior Sloane Street

The Brief

We were asked to provide some bespoke lighting for the Dior flag ship boutique windows on Sloane Street. One of the requirements was for the lighting to be sequenced so that the windows would be lit in turn.

The Installation

Using the latest technology available at the time, we installed some focused lighting which we then programmed to create seamless time sequences, the effect meant the mannequins looked like they were floating in midair.

Kharis Ministries

Client:   Kharis Ministries 

Date: 2014

Venue:  Kharis Ministries Gospel Church, London Victoria

The Brief:  

Kharis Ministries is a gospel church located in London Victoria. The building was pretty much empty and the Ministries wanted to install some stage lighting to transform the space. 

The Installation:  

Halo set up and rigged an entire lighting system, providing power, distribution and cabling. We installed beams, spots, slimpar 12s and colourband pix which was controlled by showcad. We programmed the system to ensure it would be easy for the church to use. 


Covenant Life Ministries Int

Date:  2018 

Venue: CLM church, Southampton

The Brief: 

Covenant Life Ministries International is a gospel church located in Southampton. They asked Halo to install a large LED screen, some new stage lighting and some special effects to enhance the direction of their services, whilst at the same time keeping the services inspirational, comforting and dynamic.   

The Installation: 

As part of the brief, Halo installed a 6 by 2.5 LED screen on the stage area and rigged fresnels, moving heads and Low-profile, high-output quad-colour LED wash lights to light the stage. All the lights were programmed on showcad software using a touchscreen to ensure easy use. Halo also installed draping on the bare wall behind the stage and a haze machine. The finished product was met with great satisfaction from the owners and church-goers.