Clmint 3 - Halo Lighting

Client:   Covenant Life Ministries International 

Date:  2018 

Venue: CLM church, Southampton































































































































The Brief: 

Covenant Life Ministries International is a gospel church located in Southampton. They asked Halo to install a large LED screen, some new stage lighting and some special effects to enhance the direction of their services, whilst at the same time keeping the services inspirational, comforting and dynamic.   





































































































































The Installation: 

As part of the brief, Halo installed a 6 by 2.5 LED screen on the stage area and rigged fresnels, moving heads and Low-profile, high-output quad-colour LED wash lights to light the stage. All the lights were programmed on showcad software using a touchscreen to ensure easy use. Halo also installed draping on the bare wall behind the stage and a haze machine. The finished product was met with great satisfaction from the owners and church-goers.