The Brief

Owned by the same company as Ashtar, the owner of Fantazya wanted to continue with the theme of authentic middle eastern culture along with luxury and style, however, with more of a focus on the dance and nightclub elements. As such Fantazya asked Halo to enhance their dancefloor area.

The Installation

The main feature of the installation was to embed a LED dancefloor into the existing floor. This was done by pulling out the flooring of the dancefloor section and smoothing the concrete down so that the new LED dancefloor would sit completely flush with the rest of the venue.
We also installed 26 mirror balls above the dancefloor. However, these were built into the roof, so as not to decrease the head room in the already low ceiling. To complement these, some DJ lights were put in.

The Challenges

Then main difficulty was ensuring the LED dancefloor was completely flat due to the concrete underneath initially being uneven.