Ghost Notes

The Brief

To provide a flexible lighting solution for a multi-functional space. Ghost notes is a restaurant / cafeteria by day and a Bar / nightclub / live venue by night. The solution needed to create a comfortable atmosphere in the restaurant yet provide the right blend of dynamic and functional lighting for night-time activities.

The Installation

We fitted some RGBA LED tape into a custom made aluminium extrusion profile that we then attached to the ceiling next to the concrete beams. This way, the ceiling reflected the lights, softening the effect. We programmed the lights to change colours using a sound to light function to match the mood of the evenings. Some more LED tape was installed around the bar front to downlight it and we installed some Core Par 80s around the stage area to create a live performance space.

The Challenges

The primary stand out point was the uniqueness of the venue, an old parking lot, meaning that structurally, it was like no venue we had ever worked in.