Ellie Goulding Deichmann Shoe Launch

Client: Aurora Multimedia for DEICHMANN     Venue: MC Motors London     Date: February 2017

The Brief:

The brief was to turn MC Motors, a 6,000 sq./ft. East London industrial warehouse venue, into a cozy and intimate space, reminiscent of a living room where guests could relax, for the official launch of Ellie Goulding’s new shoe collection with Deichmann. The evening would feature a fashion show, the premiere of the TV Spots and a surprise live performance from Ellie Goulding. Halo was asked to provide all the lighting, sound and some AV for the rooms, heaters for the outside areas and to cover the entrance walkway from the elements whilst keeping with the feel of the event.

The Event:

The lighting mainly consisted of exhibition style lighting, so as to ensure the shoes were properly lit. To create the cozy living room look, we installed custom pre-wired antique style drop lights.
For Ellie Goulding’s performance, a full d&b sound system with wireless mics was set up around the space. This system was also adapted to allow for a DJ who performed later in the evening.
To cover the entrance way, we created a bespoke umbrella walkway, for which we hung 30 white baby umbrellas using steel wires that we had fixed between building walls. We then lit them with red/ orange light.
The entire event was set-up in one day using 15 crew members.