French Connection Menswear AW18 Collection Review

Client: French Connection    Venue: Omega Place, Kings Cross    Date: January 2018

The Brief:

French Connection is a London based clothing company, with stores around the world, focusing on design-led products that are presented in unique and innovative ways. French Connection decided to hold the internal review of their Menswear AW18 collection at Big Sky Studios Omega Place, in kings Cross. The event had to be fit for both an exhibition setting for the clothing, and business presentations. It was also important that the event kept with the company’s image, with a focus on the products being displayed in a unique way. Halo was asked to provide full lighting, Sound and AV equipment and operators for the event.

The Event:

For lighting, we installed some Robe Patts as well as some Fresnel’s and Source 4s to provide theatre style lighting, with hot and cold spots rather than a general wash. All the lighting was rigged from truss goal posts constructed around the room. We installed a full d&b sound system along with wireless and lavalier microphones in the main space as well as 7500L and 12,000L projectors for the presentations and 84″ plasma screens for the breakout room.