Speakers: Active

Looking to hire some Active Speakers for your party or venue in London ? At Halo we stock the QSC K10 Active Speakers and the latest QSC K.2 Series. The new QSC K10.2 are the best-in-class loudspeakers. They offer elegant design, superior audio performance, high functionality, simple operation, and genuine QSC reliability. For Subs, we hire the QSC Active KS112. These are ultra-compact subwoofers. We also offer the latest generation QSC KS212C. They are first-in-class single-box active cardioid subwoofer solutions for highly portable entertainment and installation applications.

If you are looking for a portable PA system, we stock the QTX QR15PA. It comes with a built in MP3 player, 8 hours of battery life, 2 wireless microphones and auxiliary/line inputs. It provides everything you need to perform on the go.

All prices below reflect a 1 day rate excluding VAT. Please click on the product to get a weekly rate.