Projection Screens

Have you thought about a display solution which isportable and can be set up by a single person ? A mobile projection screen is exactly what you are looking for. At Halo, we stock a nice range of mobile dual projection screens. They have small packing dimensions, they are lightweight and quick and easy to set up and take down. They allow you to project on both sides. We stock 6′ x 4.5′, 8′ x 6′, 10′ x 7.5′, 12′ x 9′, 14′ x 10 .5′ and 16′ x 9′. In combination with nowadays projector technologies these products are used to create large scale but bright and crisp pictures within the shortest time and can be used virtually as often as needed.

We also have a small stock of older screens. Please make sure to contact our hires team if you feel they could be useful to you.

All prices below reflect a 1 day rate excluding VAT. Please click on the product to get a weekly rate.