Lighting controls

For all your comprehensive lighting control needs, explore our extensive inventory of rental options at Halo. Our offerings include a variety of basic and professional lighting desks, along with an array of control accessories, including DMX splitters, Dongles, and Transmitters. Whether you’re looking for simplicity or advanced control solutions, we have you covered.

In our basic desk selection, you’ll find models like the Anytronics 6cn and 12ch desks. For those seeking advanced options, our pro range features top-of-the-line choices like the Avolites Quartz and Tiger Touch II, the Avolites Titan Mobile Wing, and the Chamsys QuickQ 20 and MagicQ MQ80.

We’re centrally based in London with logistics that can’t be beat. Our expert team is avaliable to help with any queries.

All prices below reflect a 1 day rate excluding VAT. Please click on the product to get a weekly rate.