Control accessories

At Halo Lighting London, we have a comprehensive range of Lighting control accessories. Dive into our extensive collection of rental options, specially curated to cater to your requirements including DMX splitters, data stream DMX buffers, and D-Fi Hub Transmitters. Whether you’re aiming for straightforward setups or demanding professional control solutions, Halo has the perfect tools for you.

Our inventory is the widest in central London, ensuring you have everything necessary to orchestrate a flawless lighting experience. Need a lighting desk to go with your control accessories? We have Basic Lighting Desks or Pro Range Desks, depending on your specific requirements.

We’re centrally based in London with logistics that can’t be beat. Our expert team is avaliable to help with any queries.

All prices below reflect a 1 day rate excluding VAT. Please click on the product to get a weekly rate.