Movers & Scanners

Looking for moving head lights? At Halo, we offer the largest selection of movers & scanners  event lights in Central London. We stock the very popular Chauvet Intimidator range. This comprises the Intimidator Scan 305s and the Barrel 305s. We also offer the Intimidator 375z Spots and the Wash Zoom 450.  For a more disco feel and some amazing aerial effects, it is worth thinking about the Chauvet R1 FXB. We also stock the Robe range with the Robe Spikie, the Robe  Pointe and the Mega Pointe. These are well known for their very bright and super-fast beams. The Robe Spiider creates some amazing in-air effects. Finally, the Studio Due Spaceflower and the Studio Due Dominator 6600W Skytracker are amongst the most powerful units for outdoor multirays effects.

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