Outdoor Lights

At Halo, we offer a wide range of outdoor lights that are all weather proof. We like the IP battery-operated uplighters: the Freedom Quad 4 and the Showtec Helix M1000. You just position them and switch them on. No worries if it rains. For larger outdoor illuminations we recommend the Showtec Helix S5000 and the SGM P5 Flood. They will illuminate whole buildings, trees and more. If you want to reach the skies in any weather, go for the  Studio Due 3000Watt Spaceflowers or the 6000Watt Skytrackers. They are the most powerful sky trackers out there. Finally, if all you want is give your space the ultimate romantic / cosy look, we love festoons. They come in 10m or 20m strings with clear or coloured bulbs.

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