Antari S-100 II Snow Machine

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Week £70 + VAT

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Like the original S-100 snow machine, the S-100 II is a powerful, high-pressure, large-output machine that produces abundant amounts of “snow”. Owing to the built-in blower, the effect can be spread over considerable distances. The hanging bracket allows the snow machine to be placed over a crowd or above a set to simulate falling snow. The durable motor is cradled on rubber cushions within the case allowing for high output and low vibration. The SC-1 remote control gives 100% control over both area coverage and volume of snow produced. The S-100 II has DMX on board and can be controlled using 2 channels via any standard DMX controller, This light, portable machine is perfect for club effects, movie sets and stage settings so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Our S-100 II’s come with a full tank of Antari Snow fluid. The full 5l tank will last approximately 31 minutes at maximum output. Please let us know if you require additional fluid.

Antari Snow fluid, 5l bottle, £22.50 + VAT

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• Power: AC120V / 60Hz

• Heater: 600W

• Output: 140ml/min

• Tank Capacity: 5 Litre

• Remote Included: SC-2 (volume control)

• Weight: 24.25lb / 11Kg

• Dimensions (in) 19.9L x 10.9W x 8.7H (mm): 505L x 276W x 222H

• Hanging Bracket Included