Antari S-100 II Snow Machine

Like the original S-100 snow machine, the S-100 II is a powerful, high-pressure, large-output machine that produces abundant amounts of “snow”. Owing to the built-in blower, the effect can be spread over considerable distances. The hanging bracket allows the snow machine to be placed over a crowd or above a set to simulate falling snow. The durable motor is cradled on rubber cushions within the case allowing for high output and low vibration. The SC-1 remote control gives 100% control over both area coverage and volume of snow produced. The S-100 II has DMX on board and can be controlled using 2 channels via any standard DMX controller, This light, portable machine is perfect for club effects, movie sets and stage settings so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

£/Day £35.00

Quote: £ 35.00 + VAT

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• Power: AC120V / 60Hz

• Heater: 600W

• Output¡G140ml/min

• Tank Capacity¡G5 Liter

• Remote Included: SC-2 (volume control)

• Weight: 24.25lb / 11Kg

• Dimensions (in) 19.9L x 10.9W x 8.7H (mm): 505L x 276W x 222H

• Hanging Bracket Included