Anytronics 6ch Desk

If basic control of lighting is
required, Anytronics manufacture a range of single preset desks including the  Mini Desk 12. Rugged, easy to install and operate with the reliability Anytronics is renowned for worldwide. Each Mini Desk has a slider and flash switch for each channel, a master level slider and blackout switch. Master level control.
● Blackout switch.
● Blackout switch status
indication on.
● Channel flash switches on all channels.


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Mini Desk 6: +18 V to +25 V DC @ 20 mA OUTPUT Mini Desk 6 & 12: Pin out matches those used on 19” rack mounted dimming packs Series 192, 193 and 194. PANEL DIMENSIONS Mini Desk 6: 211.5 mm x 133 mm PANEL CUTOUT DIMENSIONS Mini Desk 6: 202 mm x 115 mmNET WEIGHT Mini Desk 6: 0.75 kg

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