ARC SIX Laser, 6.0W RGB

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Our Arc six laser comes from the Phantom 6000 pure diode range. It provides an awesome beam, which is guaranteed at 5W, but can be boosted to 6W when needed. Using our Pangolin laser controller, you can choose to display any image or beam, whether it is used in a venue or for an illumination. The laser comes with equipped with full diodes, fast closed-loop scanners. Additionally, it has an integrated scanner-safety, which includes an interlock and key. Finally, it comes in a compact dust-proof casing, made by a high intelligence CNC machine, allowing for the system’s longevity.

If you want one of our laser operators to come assist you with your event be sure to give us a call.

To complete the effect, make sure to hire one of our hazers or smoke machines.


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R/638nm    G/520nm    B/455nm

  Total output power


  R / G / B  Beam Size


  R/G/B  Beam divergence

<1.1mrad full angle

  Control mode

Auto/Sound/DMX 13&25 CH/ILDA

ILDA (Optional)

Pangolin FB4 with ethernet, SD card, ILDA and DMX (Optional)


GT30 scanning system, 30Kpps scanner@ILDA 8°, 60°max scan angle


Air cooled laser /Peltier TEC cooling


278*252*188 mm

  Net Weight (kg)

10 (kg)