ARC ONE Laser, 1.0W RGB

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Our Arc 1 laser is perfect for clubs and small venues. It provides a sharp 1W RGB laser beam. It comes in a compact, dust proof sealing structure to ensure longevity and reliability. Our Pangolin controllers can be used to display a variety of effects, including logos and images. However, you may require a more powerful laser for this kind of laser work.

If you want one of our technicians to operate this laser at your event, please be sure to give us a call.

If you are looking for an even more powerful laser, be sure to check out our Arc 3 lasers, our Arc 6 lasers and our Kvant Clubmax’s.

To complete the effect, make sure to hire one of our hazers or smoke machines.


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Model name KL-A8 E650II
Total Power 1100mW
Red laser power 300mW, 638nm
Green laser power 200mW, 532nm
Blue laser power 600mW, 445nm
Laser Class 4
Laser source TTL modulation
Beam Specification Red divergence <3.5*0.5mrad, beam diameter<2*5MM
Green divergence <1.5mrad, beam diameter<3MM
Blue divergence <2*0.5mrad, beam diameter<2*5MM
Scanner 25kpps@8°ILDA; 60°scanning angle
Function mode Auto, sound, DMX 512, ILDA
Power supply AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 80W
Weight 6KG
Product Dimension 23.5*19*17.2 CM
Accessories Power cable, user’s manual, Key, interlock connector