Astera Hyperion Tube (2m long) – pack of 4

Day £240 + VAT
Week £480 + VAT

Quote: £ 240 + VAT

The Astera Hyperion tube – It’s a Titan, just bigger.

After the enormous success of the Titan Tube, Astera has created the double length Hyperion Tube. The Hyperion tube measures 2031mm and 79.96 inches. Double the LEDs, double the batteries, double the brightness, double the pixels, double the effect ! Designed especially for the Film, Broadcasting and Cinema industries, the Hyperion tube retains the same high-quality light with App, CRMX and on-tube control and wired DMX option. The tube has a  smart control system. The infrared remote, wireless DMX and app work together to enable big setups, so your entire installation can be set up, monitored and adjusted in a fast and convenient way.

Rental prices (minimum of 4)

For 4: £240+VAT per day or £480+VAT per week

If you are looking for a more compact unit, be sure to check out our Titan tubes.

To learn more about operating and programming the tubes, check the Astera Academy online tutorials.



Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Mint, Amber

Total LED power: 144W

Maximum power draw: 92W

TLCI: ≥96

CRI: ≥96

Luminous flux: 5800Lm

Emittance @1m: 1570Lx

Strobe: 0-25Hz

Beam Angle: 120˚

Field Angle: 180˚

Pixels: 32


Battery: LG Chem Lithium-ion

Battery Lifetime: 70% after 300 cycles

Battery Runtime: Up to 20 hours

Charging time (nominal): 3 Hours

Input Voltage : 24V 4A


Backside Display with HSI control


Wireless Modules: 865-870MHz | 902-928MHz | 2.4GHz

Range: 300m | 330 Yards

Wired DMX: supported via Astera PowerBox

Wireless DMX: CRMX & others, excluding W-DMX G5, City Theatrical


Housing: Polycarbonate, metal endcap

IP Rating: IP65

Relative humidity: 0-100%

Ambient Temperature: 0-40˚C | 32-104˚F

Weight: 2.90kg | 6.39Lbs

Dimensions: Ø42 x 2031mm | Ø1.6” x 79.9”