Avolites Power Cube

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A complete Dimming, Mains and Data Distribution Solution in one box!

The compact box with proven Art 2000 technology is quick to set up. It boasts 12 dimmer circuits at 10A each, 6 combined dimmer/fixed mains at 10A each, 6 fixed mains at 16A each and 2 utility CEE16 outlets at 16A each. Available with Single pole and double breakers and standard supplied 5 pole 63A CEE connector, 3 x 30mA RCB’s allowing three phase and single phase operations, socapex or Harting options. Whether it is used for a conference, fashion show or any live event the Powercube powers a wide range of devices from moving lights, strobes, LED battons/fixtures and projectors.


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      • Dimmer and distribution channels- 10A C type ABB breakers
      • Distribution channels 16A C type ABB breakers (5-10x I nominal inrush current).
      • Captive Mains tail of 1.2m H07R 5x 10mm2 fitted with a 63A 5 pin Cee connector.
      • Flight-case and dimmer provide for easy storage of this cable
      • Mains supplies either 63A 3phase+N TN-S or 63A single Phase +N.
      • Mains inlet breaker 63A D type ABB breakers (10-15x I nominal inrush current).
      • Three individual single phase 63A 30mA residual current breakers to protect operators.
      • Each RCB protects one phase, therefore increasing the selectivity of the RCB protection. (BS7909 requirement).
      • Mains breaker is a four pole unit that also protects the Neutral wire which is important in case of single phase operation.
      • Socapex or Harting output connectors available
      • Dimensions (mm): 445 x 510 x 520
      • Net weight: 43Kg