Chauvet Freedom Par Q9 IP

Day £25 + VAT
Week £50 + VAT

Quote: £ 25.00 + VAT

Introducing the Freedom Par Q9, a top-of-the-line TRUE wireless, battery-operated event lighting fixture. This quad-color (RGBA) LED uplight offers seamless operation with its built-in D-Fi transceiver for wireless DMX control, as well as additional wireless options with a built-in RF receiver for compatibility with RFC or RFC-XL optional remotes. Featuring secondary optics for flawless color blending, a magnetic diffuser for customizable coverage, and adjustable run times for continuous illumination. With an OLED display for easy settings adjustment, a spring-loaded kickstand for flexible projection angles, and built-in charge protection for an extended lifespan, the Freedom Par Q9 delivers unmatched event lighting precision.