Le Maitre G Force 2

The mid-range model in Le Maitre’s GForce range of high powered, continuous flow, water based smoke machines, based on the core technologies of G300. It has inbuilt DMX and settings can be stored for instant recall on power-up.

Ideal for use on stage and film, sporting events, theme parks and in fire safety training.



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The GForce 2 can connect to Le Maitre’s Freezefog or LSG to produce a spectacular low fog effect.


Maximum smoke output 25000 cbm/hr
Fluid consumption 1.5cc/s (cont); 4cc/s (burst) (60min/5L bottle)
Removable bottle carrier
Onboard DMX 512 support
Onboard, user programmable, time on / time off
Onboard, user programmable, pre-chill time for Freezefog Pro / LSG triggering
Integral power port for Freezefog Pro / LSG
Optional remote control
Optional AUX port for external fan control – with onboard, user programmable control

Control & Programming
• DMX or optional Hand Held Remote
• 2 DMX Channels: Fully Integrated and fully compatible DMX
• Automatic and continual flow control: An extremely high accuracy thermal monitoring system combined with the
microprocessor control and a highly stable patented heat exchanger, allows a self-management system to automatically
adjust the flow rate for maximum conditions at any temperature.
• Unique pump control for ultimate fog management and pump protection
• Mechanical Fail-Safe
• Powerful Output (max): 2500 cubic metres/hr
• Warm up time 6 – 8 Mins
• Operating Time: Continuous with automatic level adjustment.
• Connects with the Freezefog for low fog effect or fog curtain
• Genesis Easy Change Block System
• Tested and safe for use on live stage performances
GForce 2 Smoke Machine (continued)
• Standard Smoke Fluid: Clean and almost odourless. Creates a dense, white fog with medium hang time.
• Industrial Smoke Fluid: Mainly used by the Emergency Services for breathing apparatus and fire safety training. It has a long
hang time and a higher tolerance to heat.
• Global Smoke Fluid: Designed for most quality smoke machines. It gives a thick, white, practically odourless fog with a
medium to long hang time.
• Molecular Low Smoke Fluid: Only when used with Freezefog Pro. Creates a dry, low lying, thick odourless cloud of fog when
used in conjunction with liquid CO2.
• Quick/Extra Quick Dissipating Smoke Fluid: Dissipates 2x/4x as quickly as molecular fluid. Useful where smoke rising too
quickly could be an issue. Also ideal to produce a burst of steam effect, nitrogen bursts etc.
Le Maitre’s fluids are included in the “Equipment Based Guidelines for the Use of Theatrical Smoke and Haze” prepared by
Environ International Corporation and can be used in compliance with ANSI standards for theatrical fog and the PLASA
(previously ESTA) Fog Testing Program. Copies can be found on www.actorsequity.org.
• Orientation: Floor
Physical / Electrical
• Size (HxWxL): 270 x 290 x 430mm
(L= 550mm with Bottle Carrier)
• Weight: 14 kg
• Power: 230v, 50/60Hz, 2.2Kw, 9A
Product Codes:
Machine & Accessories
3016 GForce 2 DMX Smoke Machine
3021 Remote Control
2903 Ducting Hose
4012 Ducting Adaptor
2931 Standard Fluid (5L)
1913A Standard Fluid (200L)
2932 Industrial Fluid (5L)
1913B Industrial Fluid (200L)
2924 Global Long Lasting Fluid (5L)
1914 Global Long Lasting Fluid (200L)
2904 Low Smoke Fluid (5L)
2900 Low Smoke Fluid (200L)
2905 Quick Dissipating Fluid (5L)
2906 Extra Quick Dissipating Fluid (5L)
2945 Quick Dissipating Fluid (200L)
2929 EZ Kleen Maintenance Fluid

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