Midas M32

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The MIDAS M32 construction is designed to offer you years of reliable performance while withstanding the demanding environment of live performance venues. M32 employs a predominantly space-frame construction, with parts of the sub-frame consisting of durable and lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium. Multiple alloys have been employed throughout to guarantee maximum component efficiency and an improved performance-to-weight ratio.

The M32 is an innovative, evolved design that brings together modern construction principles and high-tech materials into a styling destined to go down as a landmark in console history.





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32 Microphone inputs
16 XLR outputs
8 DCA groups
6 Mute Groups
25 Motorised faders
7″ Colour display
32 x 32 USB Audio Interface
DAW Remote control
Wireless control over IOS App
Dimensions (W x D x H): 891 x 607 x 256 mm
Weight: 24.5 kg

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