Milos Box Truss, Cube

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The new heavy-duty multicube from MILOS has no strength limitations when it comes to use in horizontal grids. It’s just as strong as the truss (M290 series truss).
The transfer of bending moments from the horizontal grid into the legs is now much better compared to welded corners or competing cubes thanks to its use in 32 mm (1.3”) diagonals. The use of special, high quality bolts and steel inserts, together with locator holes for the recievers, makes this a unique product in the marke
Key benefits
Bolted corners with steel reinforced inserts and high tensile bolts
32 mm diagonal bracing
Locator alignment holes for quick set-up

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Self Weight 8.6 kg
MSS.Product.TechInfo.ProductOverallDimension 289.2 x 289.2 mm