Optikinetics K4 Projector

Includes Rotator. The OPTI K4 projects clear images over long distances or in high ambient light conditions.
Weighing just over 12kg the OPTI K4 is lightweight, cool and deceptively powerful for a
projector of this size. Improvements to the Philips MSR 575/2 metal halide lamp and new coated condensor
optics inside the projector now enables the OPTI K4 to achieve an impressive 5,200
lumen light output with an average lamp life of 1,000 hours and a higher colour temperature of 7,200 K.


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Overall size 506mm long (without lens) x 313mm wide x 392mm deep with hanging bracket.
Weight 12.3kg.
Standard lens 3 Element 85mm f2.8.52.5mm Helical Focus Grove.
Mains voltage 110-120V~ or 220-240V~
Lamp type Philips MSR 5752 (or Philips MSD 575 or Sylvania BA 575 SE D).
Lamp life Average 1000 hours (or 2000 hours).
Total light output 5200 lumens with new lamp (ot 4500 lumens).
Colour temperature 7200 K (or 6000 or 5600 K).
Cooling Centrifugal fan, air duct & plenum system.