Show Tec Par 30 Chrome Long 

Grade A NEW
The Showtec Parcan 30 is a chrome spot. You can screw lights into the E27 lamp foot. The maximum power of the Parcan 30 is 100 Watt, with a mains voltage of 230 Volt. An accessory filter frame can be used to hold all kind of filters (frames with different colours, for instance). The Parcan 30 is also equipped with a 30-cm long power cord that is connected to the spot via a schuko connector.

Lightweight spot
The Parcan 30 is a lightweight spot of only 0.52 kg. This makes it very manageable and it is easy to suspend because of its mounting bracket. The Parcan 30 spot can be used in showrooms to highlight a product or in pubs and restaurants. It is, of course, also fit for home use.



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