Sparkular Pro IP

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The Sparkular is the first  indoor firework cold spark machine in the world! Easy to control and setup in minutes and very safe, you do not need a licence to operate the unit.
The Sparkular machine operates at such cool temperatures; the sparks themselves are not flammable. The machines are also very smart and have multiply built-in safety protocols. You can control the start and stop of the effect at anytime, so the machine cannot be abused in an manner. You now can control the time, height, volume – this has never been achieved from a machine ever ! This is beginning of a new technology to the world of stage of effects.

The effects can be adjusted for heights of up to 5.5m.

It is safe, with no gunpowder, no smoke or pyro smell.
1200g super hopper, support long effects time.
IP55 rated weatherproof enclosure, ideal for outdoor use.
DMX controllable, can be started and stopped at any time.
Stainless steel panel, stable and durable.
For safety use, please don’t touch sparks with hands or other flammable objects

Check our full range of Sparkulars which include the Sparkular Mini, the Sparkular Pro IP and the Sparkular Fall.



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Dimension: 315 x 290 x 285 mm
Weight: 16.5 kg
Input: BT71: 220-240VAC, 50/60 Hz – BT72: 100 -120VAC, 50/60 Hz
Work Power: BT71: 600W – BT72: 700W
Fountain Height : HC8200 LARGE/ LARGEⅠ: 5-5.5m
Hopper capacity: 1200g
HC8200 consumption rate: 20g/min
Casing material: Stainless steel