UE Bubble Machine Attachment

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The UE Bubble Large is an adaptable bubble machine which brings colors to your performances. Designed to create bubbles with a diameter from 8 to 12 cm it canbe used on the floor or hung up.

Made from ALUMINIUM and STAINLESS STEEL, the UE Bubble Large is a durable product. Each component was selected keeping in mind its quality and its efficiency.

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PART LIST : - 1 x UE Bubble Large - 1 x Power cable 1.5m IEC TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS : Dimensions: L 21 x W 28 x H 33 cm Weight: 3,4 kg Power rating: 220V – 50Hz – 100W (European Version) 115V – 60Hz – 100W (US Version) Capacity: 1.5L The tank is fitted with a plug to empty the bubbles liquid. The UE Bubble Large machine is fitted with a transport handle that can also be used to hang the machine under a structure. Produces 5 to 8 cm diameter bubbles. Consumption: - Consumption of UE ST-Bubble Fluid RTU (ready-to-use fluid): 1.5 L/h. -Consumption of UE ST-Bubble Fluid CC (ready-to-use fluid): 0.75 L/h.