Pulse Nightclub

The Brief

As a multifunctional venue, Pulse needed equipment that would serve all their events, from club nights to conferences. The venue is made up of 5 railway arches and each space had to be versatile but retaining its individuality.

The Installation

The main room is the venue’s main club space however it is also extensively used for conferences. This means the room’s main feature, the LED screen, had to be designed to serve these two purposes. Measuring 5m x 2.5m, the screen can be separated into 5 parts which are all separately programmable while also being able to be programmed together. The screen sits on rails, powered by electronic truss motors, allowing the screen to move forwards and backward and up and down.

Arch 3 is used as one of the primary event spaces. As such it has been installed with two projectors that blend into one image, along with 18 Chauvet Slim Pars that light up the ceiling. The more relaxed vibe for arch 2, ‘the chillout arch’ was achieved by installing 24-30 IP Color rails to downlight. In Arch 5 we created a fully UV room.

The Challenges

The main challenges were around time constraints and atmospheric conditions. Each room had to be installed whilst the club remained open for business – this meant very tight windows for our teams to install the equipment – whilst keeping the new installation secret until opening night. Furthermore, being an old railway arch, the venue was quite damp and we had to select the correct type of equipment on the outset to ensure durability of the installation.