The Brief

A stylish shisha bar, Ashtar wanted their guests to experience the glamour of Middle Eastern culture within a lush technological envelope. Having visited VII Club in Dubai, Mohamed Anwar wanted a similar pixel mapping ceiling effect, albeit unique to his venue. It was very important for him that the whole lighting system was integrated and as complete as possible within the physical limitations of his space.

The Installation

The main aspect of the installation was the lounge area, in which we attached 407 pixel tubes to the ceiling. The tubes are fully pixel mapped and are sound to light responsive, creating breath-taking 3D patterns. LED dance floor tiles were also mounted around the walls and floor to add to the immersive effect. The design was completed with a good number of moving heads and special effects. In the bar area, we installed bespoke LED tubes above the bar, keeping the amount of light to a strict minimum, to retain the atmosphere of traditional shisha bars.

The Challenges

Integration of very different effects was a challenge as well as installing the very first 3D lighting system in London. The other challenges came from the structure of the building, as the venue is under a railway arch.