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Optikinetics Solar 250, LED



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The OPTIKinetics Solar 250 LED is a quiet, cool running, low energy saving projector. It has a brighter and whiter light output than the original halogen Solar 250 projector. Designed for use in entertainment facilities, the OPTIKinetics Solar 250 projector is easy to set up and anyone can easily operate the unit. The OPTIKinetics Solar 250 is compatible with effects including wheels, cassettes and gobos. You can add different lenses and additional accessories to this projector to create additional effects. You will require a wheel or a cassette rotator with the OPTI Solar 250 LED projector. This projector will provide customised psychedelic visuals on any surface you require.

Light Source 40W LED
Brightness (Lumens) 1200
Lens Focus Manual
Lens Size** 85mm
Compatibility with [Opti]Kinetics Lighting Effects All
Gobo Size 50mm Rotating, 44mm fixed. (42 image diameter). Or 35mm transparency with adaptor (for occassional use).
Protection Rating IP 20
Recommended Projection Distance 2-8m
Wifi Available No
DMX Available No
Power Supply 220-250VAC / 100-120VAC 62W
VAT Exempt No
Warranty**** 3 Years
Colour of Projector White
Weight 3.2kg
Size L25 H8 W14 OD37 CM

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Optikinetics Solar 250, LED